Liquid damage causes problems with the internal circuitry of your electronic devices that will leave it unusable and damaged, if untreated. If your laptop, cellphone, or even your desktop computer have accidentally become exposed to moisture then you should definitely consult with a professional.  

Situations where electronic devices become exposed to water damage.

  • Dropped your electronic device in the toilet
  • Your kid has spilled water on your device. Or if you spilled the liquid, then you can always blame it on the dog.
  • Swimming with device in pocket or on your person
  • Pool side splash from an awesome cannonball 
  • Monday jitters at office results in coffee spill
  • Washing your keyboard on your favorite laptop

All of these scenarios, plus many more, are real world accidents that have and will continue to happen to electronic devices. We don't judge, we just repair. If you or someone you know has a device that has been in a potentially water and or liquid damage situation then give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Also, its important to know the following in regards liquid damage on electronic devices.

  1. upon finding your device with liquid damage or witnessing the exact moment...immediately check that the device is off (turn off, if on) and do not attempt to turn it back on.
  2. remove battery and/or power plug from your device. It is important to remove all electrical feeds to your devices as water and electricity do not play well together inside of electronics.
  3. You may attempt to dry your device using a desiccant; ie. this is the rice trick that everyone has heard of...***but, this is not a fix*** your device may work after a day or two of drying out. However, water creates corrosion which will build inside of your electronic device until one day (poof). --Its the worst magic trick your computer will ever show you.  

If you device does not power on after a liquid damage situation occurs, then you are probably experiencing a short-circuit. Most liquid damage related short-circuits on modern electronics occur not when the initial liquid spills, but often occur afterwards when the user attempts to turn the device back on. Its easy to believe its dry from its outward appearance, but more often then not there is still moisture hiding on the inside. Again, do not attempt to restart your device after a liquid damage incident. If you are uncertain, then refer back to step 1.

Do not fear. Even some of the worst liquid damage situations are repairable. Often they are certainly more cost effective than replacing. However, this process involves technical prowess and some rather hefty commercial grade equipment to complete, so this part is best left to the pros.


Contact GeekOut.Pro today for a free quote on your liquid damaged repair.


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